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Lokah Sangha Yoga Collective

A Space to Spread Your Light


Your Space to Create 


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For a decade, Lokah Sangha Yoga has been a space dedicated for self-transformation, education and inspiration in the field of Yoga and Wellness. As we continue to grow in our community we are seeing the emergence of something beautiful... empowered and incredible community members vibrating with a message to share. LSY has always been a platform for your voice to be heard, and now we are stepping it up a notch for all visionaries, leaders, and everyday folks with a passion to take the stage and lead in your own way. We invite you to envision all the ways in which you could use this space and we are dedicated to seeing your vision come to life!

Whatever way you want to share your magnificent gifts, we want to support you! 

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Founder Carly Brown first stumbled across the name for the studio while studying in the Himalayan foothills with her Guru in 2012. Lokah Sangha Yoga, meaning, "for the Wellness of the Community", was merely a dream at the time. Despite having a lot of self-doubt and not a clue how to start a business, she listened to her wise Guru's words, "there are many who are waiting".  Our humble beginnings began in 2013 with Lokah Sangha Yoga opening in the back of a gym and has since grown to a new location where we have served thousands of people in Dryden and Northwestern Ontario. 

LSY has been nominated for several business awards and is a prominent leader in bringing wellness into our community through working in schools, workplaces, senior centres, health centres, raising money for charities, educational opportunities, self-development retreats, teacher trainings and more. We pride ourselves in being an institution for self-development and growth towards a more peaceful way of life. 


Using Our Space 

Yoga & Fitness

Group Classes

Workshops/Pop Ups


  • Single Class/week $50/1hr session

  • Multiple classes/week $45/session

  • All pre-registered participant payments go directly to teacher

  • For students who drop in %50 goes to studio- (teacher honour system)

  • $50/hour up to 3 hours


  • $45 per additional hour


  • Chairs & Tables available

  • $45/hour up to 3 hours +$40 per additional hour


  • Massage table  & privacy screens available


  • Multi-day rates: $40/hour up to 3 hours +$35/additional hour (2 days/week min 3 hours/booking)

All of your events may be advertised on our Lokah Sangha Yoga Social Media Pages and Website. 

If you're looking to run an event not listed above enquire to see if we can accommodate you!

For more information and space rental inquiries, please email Janine:

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Upcoming Events

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