September 20th, 2020

'In Your Space' Fall Equinox Retreat

Wake up slowly, set up your space just for you, grab your favourite mug of tea and sign into to our retreat for the coziest, heartfelt morning of restorative yoga, breathwork, mantra, rituals and an inspiring discussion on living in rhythm and embodying abundance. Our ancestors from many cultures perceived the potency in the time of the equinox as a powerful window within our own spiritual journey to connect and honour our inner cycles. Fall is the time of the year that we set up our internal space and make room for what’s to come. It’s a time to allow our greater visions and intentions to incubate as we move into the quiet, rest and reprieve of the Winter months. By joining in a physical ritual to honour the subtle, spiritual shifts within, we can make concrete the importance of living in tune with our natural rhythms in everyday life.

October 25th-November 29th, 2020 

Simplicity Training for Inner Peace

Simplicity training is a Yoga based program designed to support you to make the transition from looking at life as an outer struggle of obligations, responsibilities and 'racing the clock' to greeting each day with gratitude and embracing life and all that comes our way. This training will provide you with self-care techniques that tailor to the individual to suit your life and give you the courage, support and inspiration to make changes that are in line with your heart’s desires. Simplicity training follows the motto, all that you seek is within you already. Often times we are wasting time externally searching for outward things to alleviate suffering and bring us happiness. Simplicity training reveals you are lacking nothing, you have all that you need waiting within you, and it’s just a matter of tapping into your inner potential. We will provide you with all the tools you need to simplify your life by mastering the mind and give you specialized daily practices to help unfold what mysteries and miracles waiting within you!

September 27th to November 1st 

Body Love Yoga:

Deeply Content & Supremely Nourished

For my fellow sisters who have spent too much time and emotional energy being critical of your bodies, who have been at odds with your health, dealing with an injury or illness, or have become numb to feeling the joy, sensuality, pleasure and beauty of your incredible female form- this is for you. This is for all women, and ALL bodies to share a safe space to explore these feelings, learn how to challenge the ingrained tendency to compare to others, how to transform your inner-critic, and move through other barriers impacting our relationship to the body. May this be a start to becoming more loving, accepting and embodied in the skin you are in. 

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There is only one time where it is essential to awaken. That time is now.
- Guatama Buddha
About Carly

Yogi, mentor, body worker, educator and speaker, Carly has been sharing wellness for the past decade under the guidance and grace of her Guru, Shri Prasad Rangnekar,  Imparting traditional holistic teachings and blessing her with the spiritual name, Jagruti, “the one who wakes up and awakens others"...  Read More


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