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A virtual studio that strives to never compromise community. It's the power of Sangha or community that fills our spirits and lifts us up when joining a class in person. Get this feeling without needing to leave your home! Through our live classes, community connection page and a direct line to your instructor- you will have unlimited practices to support any moment, anywhere, anytime. 


Traditionally yoga has been practiced with the direct guidance, support and reassurance of a teacher. Carly honours this tradition of trust and works in providing tools for physical, mental and spiritual well-being, while respecting individual needs, goals and life-paths. Carly works with those who are motivated to take an active role in their well-being journey with a no-nonsense approach to awakening love, happiness, abundance and health. 

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The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are. - Rumi


Carly has this uncanny ability to make you feel she is speaking directly to you even though you are in a room of 20 people. Her genuine approach to helping people on their path to reach their potential is amazing. By using the tools Carly taught me, I am on my way. The road is not an easy one, but I know Carly will support me no matter what life throws my way.


Carly’s expertise is truly meaningful, honest and effective. She shares life lessons during her lectures and workshops to give you insight as to how her experience, hard work and commitment to self has changed her life. She shows great patience and compassion to those of us who take a little longer to grasp things! My life is enriched because Carly is my teacher.


Carly’s transformation has been so beautiful to watch. I consider myself lucky to have been one of the first students who learned from her when she returned from India. Over the years, her dedication, commitment, fearlessness, faith, and wisdom have only grown. I am infinitely blessed to call her not only a teacher, but a friend.

There is only one time where it is essential to awaken. That time is now.
- Guatama Buddha
About Carly

Yogi, mentor, body worker, educator and speaker, Carly has been sharing wellness for the past decade under the guidance and grace of her Guru, Shri Prasad Rangnekar,  Imparting traditional holistic teachings and blessing her with the spiritual name, Jagruti, “the one who wakes up and awakens others"...  Read More


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